Cleaning that Carboy

It’s always fun to take another step in the brew process.

Yesterday, I transferred my Caribou Slobber from primary to secondary fermentation. Hooray!

While moving on is cause for celebration, the mess left behind is not.



The slobber had a vigorous fermentation and left a fantastic crusty mess at the top of my carboy.

Second only to bottling in my most hated brew chores is cleaning out a carboy.

It’s not that it’s hard work, soaking this glass monster isn’t intense labor, but the supplies to clean it are expensive.

I’ve read on numerous forums where people use oxy clean as an inexpensive substitute to Five Star’s PBW.

Personally, I don’t want oxy clean anywhere near my brew equipment and frankly, the price of PBW, while being an excellent cleaning option,  really bumps up my brewing expenses.

That’s when I decided to steal one of my family’s cleaning ideas.

Double Ugh.

Double Ugh.

Baking soda and vinegar.

We make our own cleaning products for our home and these two ingredients are at the base of them all.

So, I poured in some baking soda, some vinegar and filled to the top with hot water and a couple of hours later….

No more crusty carboy. A final rinse and my glass vessel is ready to go.

All clear!

All clear!

With a clean primary fermenter back on my hands it’s time to get to work on my coffee stout.

Cheers. y’all!


About dmybama

Husband & father first, thumbs up photog, homebrewer, University of Alabama alum (ROLL TIDE), diehard Orioles, Seahawks & English football fan.
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2 Responses to Cleaning that Carboy

  1. ratchetbrew says:

    Nice low cost alternative. Did you use any other type of sanitizer after the Baking Soda and vinegar?

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